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I'm going to add a brief subheading here describing SWAlert's strengths

If nothing else, Venture Capitalists and Investment Bankers have a knack for landing huge returns.

They follow a simple, yet proven, strategy; invest in companies that will capture the greater investing public's interest, while these companies are still in the private equity market. Since Venture Capitalists and Investment Bankers are among the first to invest in these young companies, they usually get the best returns.

I know what you're thinking, "Other than making the big bucks, what's so special about Investment Bankers and Venture Capitalists? If someone introduced me to up and coming companies, on the cusp of making it big, I could also pick winners."

Well, guess what? That's exactly what Stock Watch Alert (SWA) does.

Our Legacy Trades

The numbers speak for themselves. Here are just a few

NHTC Chart

Natural Health Trends Corp.

Natural Health Trends Corporation is an international direct-selling and e-commerce company whose subsidiaries sell personal care, wellness, and quality of life products.

KBLB Chart

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories is focused on genetically engineering next-generation polymers with unprecedented capabilities, such as recombinant spider silk.

SRAX Chart

Social Reality, Inc.

Social Reality, Inc. is an Internet advertising and technology company. It specializes in developing tools that automate online advertising and digital marketing activities.

Timing is everything

If you don't know about these opportunities until after they've made their moves, how to you expect to profit from them?

We investigate the venture markets, weed out the pretenders, and introduce the investing public to the movers that have the potential to reach the next level. Investors who know the power of getting in on the ground floor recognize that the best time to get in is while they are still inexpensive and undervalued. Typically, these companies have solid business models, operate in expanding industries, and have genuine growth prospects.

SWA is all about unique opportunities. As a matter of fact, SCG has brought you SWA for the last 15 years, featuring many legendary trading opportunities for investors everywhere. SWA earned a reputation for being one of the best informational newsletters available for the micro-cap stock market today.

Make no mistake about it; most companies featured by SWA are considered to be high risk, but remember that high risk has the potential for the highest rewards. We're not looking to win the $2 scratch off, we're looking to hit the lotto.

Send out the clowns. Rake in the profits

We won't waste your time because we value ours

Following most stock newsletters' picks is like being at the circus and watching 100 clowns pile out of the mini-car, funny to watch but you don't want to join them for a ride.

That's because most of the companies on the Bulletin Board and the Pink Sheets are junk and many IR/PR firms have no problem featuring each and every company out there.

Most of their companies have been siphoning investor's money for years. They flounder around, do not monetize their business plan, become a shell and then do it all over again.

The buck stops here

SWA is not interested in excuses. In our opinion, companies should be automatically delisted if they're unable to achieve certain milestones in the first three years on the public markets. Yes, we realize this is unlikely to happen, but this provides insight into the SWA philosophy, because we know that the longer that companies stay on the junior exchanges, without clearly defined success paths, the likelihood that they will become something real decreases exponentially.

Since most junior market listings will not make it, we developed a strategy that factors market trends, social tendencies, trading patterns, and overall performance, so that we can introduce you to companies, long before they are making headlines and prior to Wall Street bringing the investing masses to the table. By doing this, we introduce you to well positioned companies that can take it to the next level and generate the biggest return on your money.

SWA only features companies with assets, revenues, a good business plan, manageable debt, and as little dilution as possible. The industry must be ripe and the company must be one step ahead of their competition, with the only exception being the most unique and incredible stories that we think offered great trading opportunities. In short, we focus on only the best junior market listings out there.

You can easily keep up with our thoughts, through our journal. We hope you share our philosophy, as over the counter securities can be risky, so we try to minimize it for you as much as possible.

Can you hire us?

This is a question we are asked often and the short-easy answer is usually NO...

Even though it’s easy money, we are not interested in temporarily propping up undeserving companies or trapping innocent shareholders in their webs.

Stock Communications Group has been covering companies, since 1999, and had some of our clients graduate to the major exchanges, but, even after turning down 99% of the inquires and despite our best efforts, we cannot claim that all of our projects have been perfect.

SCG only covers companies that have long term relationships with and have proven that they have the vision, drive, and ability, to reach their goals, and create significant shareholder value.

Newsletters that cover the one day wonders are a-dime-a-dozen, but there’s no happy ending for those shareholders who take their bait, so we view all of the short term, small-cap, trade newsletters as a waste of time, money and energy, as well as a source of major headaches. With thousands of traders are fighting over the scraps, only a handful can make small gains, while the rest starve to death.

If you trade those types of newsletters, you should know that their best days are long gone, as the losses for their followers continue to pile up. It’s the equivalent of mice fighting over a piece of poisoned cheese. Coverage from most micro crap newsletters is among the surest signals of pending corporate death, so, if you own shares in any of them, get rid of them.

SCG invests our time, money, and expertise into the companies that we feature. We work directly for the company, not some promoter. We only work with companies that have a compelling business model and management who are willing to do the heavy lifting required to make their venture a success.